Fine Pottery and Porcelain
Denmark, Western Australia

Mary Wallace and Daniel Webb
Welcome you to a preview of our gallery and studio. We'd love to show you more if you're in the Denmark area.

Here is some of our work and how it's produced.

We work with fine stoneware and porcelain clays to produce a range of tableware and decorative items.

Each piece is made by hand. A pot starts as a lump of clay that is thrown on the wheel.
It is then turned and finished with handles or knobs where appropriate. These are casseroles being thrown.

The patterns on the tableware are painted on by hand.

The porcelain is decorated with a carved surface and then coloured slip is applied.

The pots are fired twice. The first firing takes them to 10000C.
When cool, they are removed from the kiln and a layer of glaze applied.
They go back into the kiln and are fired to 13000C.

Once cooled, the kiln can be unpacked and the pots are ready for use.

The porcelain is often decorated with gold and requires a third firing to complete the piece.

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