Fine Pottery and Porcelain
Denmark, Western Australia

We make everything from coffee mugs to full dinner sets, along with serving and oven-ware to match.All pieces are fired to full stoneware temperatures making each piece microwave,
oven and dishwasher safe.

This is a place setting from our 'country night range'.

We like to make dinner sets to order after discussing with our clients their specific needs.

This twelve place setting in 'Pemberton Green' was made for a couple in the USA.

These pieces are from our 'country day range'.

If you have special requirements we'll try to make them for you. We've done commissions ranging from buffet settings for hotels to special plates for a customer with Parkinsons disease.


Porcelain clay differs from other clays in that it has a higher silica content. This gives the clay its translucent quality once fired. It is more difficult to work with but has a special feel and look that other clays don't have.

Porcelain Vase (350mm high)
Thrown and when almost dry the pattern is carved by hand and coloured in slip.After firing, a gold lustre is brushed on and then the piece is fired for a third time.

The bowl on the left has been glazed in a celadon
which is a soft green glaze named and used by the ancient Chinese for its resemblance to jade.

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